We Listen • We Believe

Our Mission

Our mission at FLOS House is to provide a safe and structured environment for everyone to work on their recovery.

Flos House is a Christian home in North Plainfield, New Jersey. One of the major downfalls in our lives is never tapping into who we are created to be. As Pastors of the Christian faith, we encourage, not push, our beliefs. Instead we promote relationships over religion. We create a family atmosphere in our Christian home. There is a meaning for your life!

happy parents spending time at home and hugging his young son, smiling

You Have Purpose

FLOS House gives you an opportunity to find these answers and we give you the freedom to pursue them through your personal beliefs. Take the time to find yourself and get to know yourself on a new level. Rest, work hard, heal, and grow with us.


Spirituality is Powerful

Grow and improve your life here.  Trust in a higher power to find a way.

Help Someone in Need

Donate to our non-profit organization to help people overcome their addictions and start a new life.



We Rise

We are here to help you get back on your feet.


We Heal

It’s ok to need help and to take a time off to heal.


We Overcome

We will stand by you, as you regain confidence and regain strength.

Our Retreat

How Are We Different?

At Flos House, a Christian home in North Plainfield, we create a family atmosphere, where disciples can grow as a healthy community. They learn to work on weaknesses and build their strengths.