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CategoriesMental Health

Do Phone Apps Help Your Mental Health?

Mental health is a critical topic nowadays. With the constant use of social media apps and the internet, along with the state of world affairs and the uncertainty brought on by the pandemic, more and more people are reporting a declining mental health. Through all of this, tech entrepreneurs are looking into mental health apps […]

man needing help with addiction CategoriesFaith Based Recovery

Do Faith-Based Recovery Programs Work?

Overcoming any addiction can be challenging. Addiction recovery through therapy and modern medicines alone isn’t as helpful for some people. Addiction recovery can be especially challenging for those who believe in a higher power as they are left to deal with their guilt and regret. For these individuals, faith-based recovery programs can be more helpful and overall holistic.  […]

Woman sitting by the sea looking at the sunset CategoriesMental Health

How to Improve Your Mental Health

The self-help industry is laden with tools and programs marketed as sure-fire ways to create lasting change. There are many meditations, affirmations, plans of action – all aimed at drastically improving our inner state of being. There’s no easy solution. You’re a dynamic individual with constantly evolving needs, and you should avoid buying into a […]

holding both hands together CategoriesFaith Based Recovery

Can Faith-Based Recovery be the Key to Your Addiction Treatment?

A growing body of research points to the benefits of a faith-based approach to substance abuse treatment. People who are religious often look to a higher power for strength and guidance, and this type of rehab helps them achieve sobriety while incorporating their faith. In fact, the US government acknowledges the importance of faith-based recovery […]

The concept of God's salvation: silhouette of helping hand reaching down. CategoriesSelf Improvement

Five Steps for Self Improvement in New Jersey that will Change Your Life

We all face challenges in life, but sometimes the situation can become so bad that we feel there is nowhere to turn.  These harmful and self-destructive thoughts lead to depression and more severe consequences such as suicide.  According to the World Health Organization, those who suffer from prolonged periods of depression are more likely to […]

Elderly man sitting on the sofa next to his adult son, hugging him and posing together with him CategoriesAddiction Recovery

Lifestyle Improvement for Addicts

Many addicts, no matter what their addiction, lose their routine and organization when they become dependent. There is also a loss of structure in their life. An addict’s lifestyle can be chaotic and disorganized since their work and other essential habits have been lost. Addicts also have unusual patterns, including extreme eating and irregular sleeping […]