Do Phone Apps Help Your Mental Health?

Mental health is a critical topic nowadays. With the constant use of social media apps and the internet, along with the state of world affairs and the uncertainty brought on by the pandemic, more and more people are reporting a declining mental health. Through all of this, tech entrepreneurs are looking into mental health apps that could restore the population’s morale.

In the article below, we will look into phone apps that may improve your mental health and find ways that they may do so.

As much as you want to deny it, therapy apps are trending right now, and venture capitalists and content developers are trying their best to cash in. However, there are some questions that you should ask yourself before you sign up for a mental health app.

Types of Mental Health Apps

Not all mental health apps are the same. Some of the major types are listed below:

  • Meditation Apps

These apps can help you manage your stress level. They remind you to regulate your breathing and guide you on becoming more grounded within your nervous system.

  • Mood Tracking Apps

Mood tracking apps take input from the user about their emotions, thoughts, and feelings to create a pattern to identify a particular mood or sensation that they may be feeling and provide support.

  • Therapy Apps

Some apps use cognitive behavioral therapy to deal with symptoms of depression and anxiety, which are primarily based on psychological science.

Are Mental Health Apps Effective?

Some of the most common mental health diseases are as follows:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Nicotine Withdrawals

There have been many studies conducted over the past years that delve into the effectiveness of these therapeutic apps. The studies showed that there could be no conclusive evidence leading researchers to believe that the mental health apps may be effective, but they could also easily not be.

There is suggested evidence proving how mobile-phone interventions could affect how people conduct their daily activities. For example, text messages could motivate people trying to quit smoking to continue on that journey.

Do Mental Health Apps Help?

Mental health apps aren’t rooted in science. They are rooted in some known psychological and wellness industry facts that remind you to take better care of yourself and regulate your breathing. Scientists and engineers worldwide are constantly trying to find ways to make mental health resources much better for people. However, wellness and mental health apps may not have the same agenda.

It would be best if you discern the real effects of a mental health app. It may be helping you make better decisions and take care of your body better. But mental health apps are not a substitute for the psychological help you could receive from a therapist.

Are All Mental Health Apps the Same?

All mental health apps are not the same. For example, the Better Help mental health app enables you to connect with a therapist. This app is an actual mental-health app as it provides you with a psychologist and scientifically backed data that will help you get the resources you require.

The demand from the wellness industry has instead led to the creation of many bogus apps that only give a human being an idea of control. It’s necessary that when you’re purchasing or downloading a mental health app, you know what you’re signing up for.

Can Mental Health Apps Harm Your Mental Health?

People often think that mental health apps can only help with their mental health. However, this could not be further from the truth. Many of these apps can misinform people under the guise of buzzwords that give an illusion of control.

If you think that mental health is the end product that can alleviate your mental health, it may be harmful to you as it’s simply not true. The mental health apps can sometimes also lead to a consumption of toxic positivity. These mental health apps are also very generic and may increase people’s suffering if they aren’t aware of their mental illness.

Mental health apps also don’t have regulatory bodies now, which means they can provide a lot of information that regulatory bodies will not validate, which can harm your mental health.

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