Help Your Loved One Get Addiction Help in Plainfield, NJ

man needing help with addiction

Addiction is something that can affect anyone. We all struggle with different things on a daily basis, and if you’re struggling with addiction it’s important to know that help is available. At Flo’s House in Plainfield, NJ we help those who are struggling through faith-based recovery. We believe that by using your faith to help on your recovery journey you’ll be able to achieve sobriety and maintain it. 

Leaning on your family and friends during your recovery process is also a great way to maintain sobriety. While you may not realize it, addiction impacts far more than just the person who is battling addiction. Your addiction also has an impact on those close to you. Your family and friends want to be there to support you during your recovery, helping in any way possible. Many people feel alone when they’re battling addiction, and our team wants you to know that you don’t have to go through your recovery alone. Our team of professionals, along with your family and friends, are here to provide the support you need during your recovery journey. 

When someone is struggling with addiction, no matter the addiction, they can lose their routine and organization when they become dependent on a substance. There is also a loss of structure in their life. An addict’s lifestyle can be chaotic and disorganized since their work and other essential habits have been lost. Addicts also have unusual patterns, including extreme eating and irregular sleeping schedules. All of this frequently leads to a chaotic lifestyle that fuels the addiction. At Flo’s House, we provide inpatient treatment to help get your life back on track. You’ll work towards creating good habits and routines that will not only help you get sober but also help you maintain your sobriety when you’re back at home. This shift in routine from what you may have been doing can help create long-lasting habits that are productive and useful in the real world. 

Drugs can change your life in many ways. Only those who are motivated to overcome their drug use will be able to abstain from drugs. To return to regular life, you will need to quit not just using substances but also be willing to access services that can assist you in regaining your health more quickly. You must also realize the triggers that could have led you to using drugs or alcohol, and learn ways to manage or avoid them to stay sober. 

If you’re ready to take the first step towards a full and healthy recovery contact us at Flo’s House today. We want to be here to provide you with the treatment you’re looking for to help you on your path to recovery. Don’t wait another day to begin your journey. Call us now and learn more about our recovery options and how we can help you.