How Does Faith-Based Living Heal a Broken Home?

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A broken home followed by an increase in the divorce rate has perhaps become America’s most serious societal issue, with the potential to destroy our civilization. The home is the fundamental unit of any civilization; thus, the community is on the verge of collapsing when the family breaks down

This issue does not make the front pages, but it is eating away at the core and foundation of our cultural and ethical structure like parasites.

The divorce rate does not give a complete picture. In some houses, when the husband and wife remain together, their marriage takes on the image of an endurance race, with the couple attempting to stay together to the end for the sake of society, yet compromising the upbringing of their children. 

Some marriage experts have revealed that families who have stronger faith and follow The Book understand the true essence of a relationship better and have improved their relationships when they turn to God. 

Read on to find out how faith-based living can heal a broken family. 

What Causes Family Members to be Estranged?

While every relationship is different, here are some frequent reasons for family members to become estranged:


Abuse can take many forms, including sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. While abuse usually results from something else (mental health issues, for example), it’s natural to make forgiveness difficult.

Trouble with finances 

Financial difficulties may wreak havoc on every relationship, but this is true for loved ones. However, many of these problems can be resolved by being honest and open about your worries.

Conflicting beliefs

Conflicts can manifest themselves in various ways, like political or religious differences. It can become a severe issue if it interferes with your or a family member’s capacity to be kind and courteous.

Not apologizing

It’s important to understand another person’s intentions if you or a dear one refuses to apologize. If you believe that everyone’s rationale has been considered, but no one has offered an apology, this might lead to a significant rift.

Crossing boundary

It may be especially true for close relations such as husband-wife, parent-child, or siblings. In such situations, you must make the other person aware of your limits to understand exactly what offends you and expect the same for others. 

How Can a Strong Faith Help Deal With Rifts?

Faith develops Compassion for Relationships.

The Bible has highlighted the significance of every relationship and how one must show love and care to their family. With love and care, couples and other family members can avoid conflicts, be empathetic to each other and live like a support system. 

Faith Teaches you How to Forgive

The Holy books have extensively emphasized the importance of forgiveness. With the spirit of forgiveness alive, one can easily let go of minor issues that build up to become more significant problems that lead to falling apart. 

Faith Gives a Sense of Responsibility

If you read The Book, the responsibilities of each relationship towards the other have been clearly outlined. When one understands the responsibilities and knows what is expected of them, the chances of conflicts, abuse, or even crossing boundaries can be avoided. 

One Knows the Importance of Relationships and Family 

A person who has chosen faith-based living will know how significant are their relationships and will do whatever it takes to save them. People who are often far from religion also love living alone on their terms and do not fear losing their relationships.

Faith-based living teaches individuals to turn to the Supreme Power for repentance for their wrongdoing and keeps their relationship happy and satisfied to seek His love. 

Need help with adopting Faith-Based Living?  

Faith-Based Living is a personal choice; however, if you wish to improve the relationships around you by spending some time in a setup that teaches the significance of family culture and helps develop compassion for your relationships, Flos House can be the best place to be. 

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