How Family Can Help with Addiction Recovery

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When someone is battling addiction, they are not the only ones in the fight. Many people draw into themselves and often feel very alone during the addiction recovery process. The truth is that while they were going through a downward spiral, their family spent many sleepless nights.

And while the rest of the family felt helpless during the struggle, their role in addiction recovery empowers them to help. Actively participating in a loved one’s drug or alcohol treatment can greatly increase the chance of success and decrease the likelihood of relapse.

This article explains the importance of addiction recovery and family, what roles they play, and the importance of their involvement for success. At Flos House in Plainfield, NJ we know what it takes to help those in need. Our staff is dedicated to not just the recovery process but also instilling the long-term life skills needed to develop good habits and positive change.

The Family Has To Acknowledge There Is A Real Problem And Provide Real Support.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step. This is a common phrase that doesn’t only apply to addicts. It should also be used if you are a family member. It’s normal to try to avoid stressful situations and conflict. It can be difficult to admit that there is something wrong with your family and that you cannot fix it. You might be afraid of making things worse for your addicted family member.

Sometimes, it is easier to tell yourself that they are not that bad and that you are safe at home. The family might find some relief by giving them money or purchasing alcohol for them. Addiction is very dangerous, it is not helping you, your loved one, or anyone else by enabling this destructive behavior. Standing firm and encouraging them to seek help is the best thing you can do.

Family members can take on healthy roles and encourage recovery. A parent could be supportive, but firm, and encourage their loved one’s positive actions. Assume roles and behaviors that promote healthy family relationships include holding loved ones accountable for their actions and rewarding them for making positive choices. Remind yourself that a key factor for addiction recovery is how the family responds.

Addiction Recovery And Family Means Love And Support.

Your support role as a friend, family member, or spouse can make a significant difference in helping your loved one to recover their mental and physical health. Family support is essential, especially in the initial stages of recovery. However, long-term recovery is possible only with the support of the entire family.

You must accept the fact that your loved one will face difficulties because of addiction and create a plan to deal with them. It is important to keep in mind that your family may need to make lifestyle changes once your loved one has returned home. Family members often agree to a drug-free and alcohol-free home. A stable, healthy, and sober home environment can help reduce the chance of a relapse, particularly in the initial stages of recovery.

Take Action And Be A Shoulder To Lean On.

Be as encouraging as possible. Take on the role of “cheerleader” for your addicted family member. Encourage them to stick with whatever program they chose for help. Show encouragement when they are having a bad day. Let them know you are there for them

If your loved one is living with you after treatment, don’t bring alcohol or drugs into the house. Don’t make it obvious either, they don’t need to be reminded that you are making sacrifices as well. Try to be as positive as you can while at the same time protecting them from triggers.

It can be difficult to understand why your loved one is struggling with addiction. Accept the fact that they have a medical condition that will affect you and your family. As you would support someone in need of another medical treatment, encourage your addicted family member. They don’t require your anger or lecturing. This is the right time to show compassion.
Flos House in Plainfield NJ creates a family atmosphere, where clients can grow as a healthy community. They learn to work on weaknesses and build their strengths. If you or a loved one needs guidance with the battle of addiction click here or give us a call at (863) 484-3246