Peace and Spiritual Wellness

Peace and Spiritual Wellness North Plainfield, New Jersey.

Spirituality and Food

Taking care of your physical health is the first step toward spiritual wellness. But did you know that your experience is shaped by the food you consume? If you are eating a lot of junk food, then your body is constantly trying to rid itself of the poisons in that food, including sugar, chemicals, and unhealthy fats. This leads to a feeling of imbalance and sickness.

First, eat a healthy diet that is mainly composed of raw fruits and vegetables. Compare the feeling in your body after eating a carrot with the sick feeling after eating a bag of potato chips.  You will be surprised.

Changing everything all at once is not necessary. It won’t take much to move you in the right direction if you choose an orange instead of a candy bar today and notice the improved feeling of physical and spiritual wellness.

Alcohol and recreational drugs should be avoided. Your body is imbalanced due to all of this. Taking these substances will cause your body to work very hard removing the toxins from your body, You will feel overtired and sick.

Go Outside

Exercise is the second step to spiritual wellness. Your sense of well-being will improve significantly with 20 minutes of exercise that gets your heart pounding and lungs breathing hard! It makes a huge difference to go outside every day, even if that means just walking in nature. As you oxygenate your body and mind, you will feel physical wellness, which leads to spiritual well-being.

In order to achieve spiritual wellness, you must learn to be present. You will feel spiritual wellness when you are present in the moment.

We must consider is what being absent means. Being lost in thought means not being present. Your thinking prevents you from experiencing this present moment. You can only experience this present moment if you are caught up in your thoughts. Therefore, you don’t actually experience this moment when you are thinking about it.

Try watching your breathing so you can be present. Meditation done in this way is very effective and simple. The sound of your breathing can be noticed, or you can pay attention to the sensation of the breath moving into and out of your nose. You can also feel your breath moving into your nose, then into your lungs, and then notice the breath leaving your lungs, moving through your throat, and out your nose.

With each breath you take, you may even notice that a sense of spiritual wellness is flowing from your chest out through your entire body. If you focus on your breathing in this way, this feeling of peace and spiritual wellness will begin to permeate your experience of day-to-day living.

Third, at least once a day, it is recommended that you sit with your eyes closed and observe your breath for a few minutes. You can sit as long as it is comfortable for you. Keep the same time each day when you sit. As a result, you will achieve spiritual wellness.

Take note of your breathing as you walk, drive, or work throughout the day. You will experience more peace and well-being as you do it without force.

It is also important to awaken spiritual wellness in the body like the fourth step to spiritual wellness. Using technology’s unique meditation sound, you can almost immediately feel a deep sense of peace and spiritual well-being.

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